February 22, 2024

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LA TOUR NOIRE/Gold 76.6589/001

SKU: 76.6589/001



Skeleton hands with specific design from L'Epée 1839

Mechanical Timepiece

hours and minutes


108 mm height – 60 mm width – 49 mm depth (hands included)


1.1 kg


L’Epée 1839 in-house caliber 1853


Brass with gold, palladium or glossy black lacquer
Mineral glass


Manual-winding: unique key sets time and winds movement

Power reserve

8 days

The structure is made up of a base, whose finish varies according to the version selected (gold-plated, palladium-plated or black varnish), and a polished glass dome manufactured by our expert partners, who refuse even the smallest of variations that could compromise the clocks’ aesthetics. The purpose of this structure is twofold: to protect the horological movement from dust and “human intrusions”, and to create a play of light and reflections on the La Tour mechanism.

Certain models in the La Tour Noire collection exude a different feeling altogether, with Côtes de Genève on the front plates adding texture and verticality to the clocks. The black versions are dark and modern, and also play with reflections and perspective. The Swiss Made Caliber 1853 movement was created entirely by L’Epée. La Tour Noire collection features two plates with various finishes depending on the model selected, a complete geartrain outlining the movement, its escapement, and a presentation structure consisting of a base and glass dome. The entire movement is made up of 143 parts, passionately assembled by master watchmakers.

Far from the perfectly mastered, spectacular horological complications for which L’Epée 1839 is known, it is the balance of aesthetics and technical choices that lends the La Tour collection its true intensity.