February 22, 2024

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Time Fast D8 74.6004/164

SKU: 74.6004/164



Hours and minutes display
Full bodywork in aluminum as in every racing car at the time, H-shape car frame
Automotive laquers
Blown glass dome to simulate the driver’s helmet
289 Components


38.5 cm long x 16 cm wide x 12 cm high
Weight: 4.7 kg


Tiered mechanical movement

Power reserve

8 days


Nickel and palladium-plated brass, stainless steel,
Blown glass dome
Front and rear bodywork in aluminum
Spoked rims in stainless steel
Tires in hard-wearing rubber
Polishing and sand-blasting, satin-finished parts
Painted bodywork (Automotive paint)


Construction and materials inspired from the Automotive
Time set via counterclockwise rotation of the steering wheel
The clock is wound using the rear wheels, carefully wind the
movement like a pull-back toy car.
Each color reminds a specific racing team / auto brand

The engine consists of a tiered movement with an 8-day power reserve that was entirely developed to hug the curves of the bodywork. 

The hours and minutes are displayed on the side through an aperture resembling a typical competition number, via two engraved stainless steel disks. On the other side of the chassis is the advertising spot, the characteristic circle on iconic race cars, which can be optionally customized to create a personalized car, by means of an engraving, for example (the L’Epée 1839 logo comes as standard).

In the cockpit, the car’s steering wheel, which has been specially designed to incorporate the time-setting wheel, can be used to adjust the time if the engine ever breaks down. Located in the driver’s seat, a counterclockwise adjustment adjusts the time, while clockwise adjustment can be used to reposition the steering wheel once the correct time is set.

Time Fast D8 needs to be filled up (with mechanical energy) once every week. The mechanical movement’s barrel is wound by moving the wheels in reverse to provide the car with the power it requires to remain fully functional. Meanwhile drive mode is simply designed to provide unimpeded delight.