February 22, 2024

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time-machine Black&Gold 74.6001/204

SKU: 74.6001/204



Hours and minutes displayed on two cylinders


25.7 x 22 x 21 cm


5.2 kg


Horizontal L’Epée 1839 movement designed

Power reserve

8 days


Mineral glass crystal cylinder,Brass and stainless steel


Winding and time-setting via the turbine blade on either end of the tube

The first striking feature is the 360-degree rotation of the time capsule and the entire gear train of the watchmaking movement visible within it. Every rotating device also needs a locking system: and this one has been designed as a wing-nut that is turned to block the rotation, thus making the owner the key player in its usage.

The Time Machine displays the hour and minutes by means of two black metal cylinders inside a glass cylinder (the time capsule) which is framed by a propeller at each end. Each cylinder is machined and decorated by hand. The numbers, notably, are manually filled with white lacquer for maximum visibility. The time sequence and reading is made possible by a central indicator placed between the hour and minute cylinder.

The propellers are not simply a significant secondary design element, they are the two key elements of the timekeeping mechanism. The left propeller sets the time, while the right winds the barrel. These two propellers enable the owner to adjust their machine, and thus control their journey through time.