November 28, 2023

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Chopard Watches
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Discover the Traditional Charm of Chopard Womens Watches

Discover the Traditional Charm of Chopard Womens Watches - Time Avenue
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Chopard watches have been associated with excellence and elegance for over 160 years. Since its establishment in 1860, the Chopard has produced unique watches different from what other watchmakers do, without compromising on accuracy, craft, style, and elegance.

Chopard watches quickly gained popularity among elite customers, laying the foundation for the company’s future success. Chopard’s long history of producing high-end timepieces is evident in its constant commitment to excellence and innovation.

Chopard’s journey has been distinguished by a passion for service and a continuous pursuit of excellence, from its modest origins in Sonvilier to its recognized position among the world’s finest watchmakers.

One can only anticipate even more extraordinary timepieces that capture the spirit of ageless beauty and sophistication as the brand continues to influence the future of horology.

Let’s explore Chopard’s long history of producing high-end watches that have captured the attention of watch enthusiasts.

Chopard Women’s Watches: Celebrating Feminine Beauty

Chopard women’s watches exude a feminine appeal like no other with their intricate designs. These Chopard watches embrace sophistication and elegance and are designed to fit every women’s sophisticated style.

Women’s watches by Chopard are known for their attention to detail, providing a range of styles, sizes, and materials that complement the fashion sense of the contemporary woman. Dials from Chopard include delicate designs and understated embellishments, giving every watch a clean appearance.

A Chopard watch for women is the perfect timepiece for everyday wear due to the seamless fusion of beauty and utility which aids to simplicity. Chopard women’s watches are emphasizing a classic design that symbolizes beauty and grace throughout time.

The company provides a variety of alternatives suited to different choices, from traditional round dials to stylish square or rectangular cases. Chopard’s collection of women’s watches offers the ideal size for every wrist, whether you’re going for simplicity or creating a bold impression.

Chopard women’s watches are made from various materials, such as stainless steel, precious metals, and premium leather straps, giving every watch a unique touch.

A Dive into Chopard Diamond Watch Collections

Chopard offers a wide selection of watches to suit various interests and preferences, from the legendary happy diamonds and happy sports collection, demonstrating a playful union of diamonds and sportiness.

These Chopard women’s gold watch models offer a touch of prosperity and refinement, while the Chopard diamond watch options sparkle with eternal elegance.

Each Chopard women’s watch embodies the company’s unwavering dedication to luxury and innovation, making Chopard the standard for prosperity and sophistication in the watch industry.

Here are 2 stunning collections of Chopard women’s watches:

Happy Diamonds collection

The Chopard happy diamonds collection features free-floating diamonds placed between two sapphire crystals to produce a captivating movement of light.

The delightful and elegant look captures the brand’s innovative attitude, which has emerged as an iconic representation of joy and freedom in the luxury watch industry.

This collection features various women’s watches, from traditional dress watches to stylish and sporty designs, all embellished with recognizable floating diamonds that honor life’s special moments.

Happy Sport Collection

Chopard’s happy sport range appealingly combines luxury and sportiness. By incorporating moving diamonds into the dial, this collection reimagines classic watchmaking and adds a sense of dynamic energy and excitement.

Because of its vibrant and versatile designs, the Chopard happy sport range appeals to ladies who want refinement without sacrificing an active lifestyle.

The Chopard women’s watches are popular among active women because they showcase Chopard’s passion for blending excellent craftsmanship with an enthusiastic spirit.

Chopard Women’s Watches: Combining Elegance with Mechanical Mastery

While considering the technical features of Chopard women’s watches, these women’s watches by Chopard are made with accuracy and precision.

Chopard is known for designing intricate movements for its watches for both quartz and automatic models.

Adding practical features like date displays and stopwatch features further increases the usefulness of Chopard women’s watches. Chopard women’s gold watch models are designed with premium materials that guarantee durability. Chopard women’s watches are available in precious metals, sapphire crystals, and stainless steel.

Chopard continues to produce women’s watches, focusing on technical excellence with a feminine appeal and showing the company’s dedication to precise engineering and outstanding quality.

Chopard women’s watches find the ideal balance between design and functionality, making them a desired option for women’s watches worldwide, from casual elegance to elite refinement.

Why buy Chopard’s women’s watches?

Women’s watches by Chopard are an excellent option for women looking for timeless beauty and outstanding design. Chopard has a long history of creating high-end watches and has become a recognized company known for its accuracy and originality.

It is simple to choose Chopard watch that complements one’s sense of style because the collection offers a wide variety of designs, shapes, and materials to individual preferences. Chopard has a watch for every occasion, whether you prefer the energetic personality of the Chopard happy diamonds, Chopard mille miglia, or the sporty improvement of the happy sports collection.

Purchasing a Chopard women’s watch for yourself is a declaration of your admiration for the highest quality and a celebration of the special events in life.

Time Avenue is one of the best Swiss luxury watch retailers in Mumbai. We offer the best Chopard women’s watches prices for you to choose from. So if you want to purchase a Chopard watch for women, then Time Avenue is the place to be!

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Chopard Women

Chopard women’s watches: Minimalist designs crafted in Luxury

A Chopard women’s watch is often associated with style, elegance & class because of its subtle curves & affluent dials. Chopard was started in 1860, and the Maison has been at the forefront of designing premium jewellery & intricate Swiss watches.

Any Chopard watch for women exudes extravagance in a subtle & sleek design which adds to every woman’s unique style. Luxury watches for women by Chopard seamlessly blend modern elegance with traditional jewellery design, creating some of the best women’s watches.

Chopard women's watches prices at Time Avenue

A Chopard watch for women is designed with elegance in mind & never fails to pay homage to Swiss horology. From elegant quartz-powered watches to complex diamond watches with mother-of-pearl dials, Chopard women’s watches are available for every distinct style.

Chopard Women’s watch collections like The Chopard Happy Sport, Chopard Imperiale, & Chopard Happy Diamonds offer luxury watches perfect for the Red Carpet & Work. At Time Avenue, we offer the best Chopard women’s watches prices in India to help you buy luxury women’s watches at the best price. Our collection includes:

  • Chopard Happy Sport Automatic 36mm Ladies Watch
  • Chopard Happy Sport Oval Automatic Ladies Watch
  • Chopard Imperiale Quartz 36mm Ladies Watch
  • Chopard L’heure Du Diamant Cushion Ladies Watch

*Due to the extreme demand for Chopard women’s watch models, the Chopard women’s watches prices in India are subject to change.
To find the current market price, click on any Swiss luxury watch you desire, then click the “Check our selling price” button on the product page. Fill in the details, and our team of experts with 20+ years of experience will further assist you in buying your favourite Chopard women’s gold watch.*

Why should you buy a Chopard women’s watch?

Available in multiple Stainless Steel, Rose Gold, & leather strap variants with alluring diamond dials, Chopard watches for women are highly desirable. Buying a Chopard women’s watch is a testament to your unique style & never fails to give your outfit a premium look. Collections like the Chopard Happy Sport is a chunky Swiss luxury watches perfect for formal wear with five ‘dancing’ diamonds packed in a flawless stainless steel or gold bracelet.

Whereas the L’heure Du Diamant Chopard women’s gold watch collection with its mesmerising diamond encrusted dial is perfect for special occasions. The free-flowing and elegant diamonds set in the Chopard Happy Diamond & Happy sport with the lustrous silver hands create a prismatic effect to die for, making Chopard women’s watches a testament to serene beauty.


Chopard watches for women like the Chopard Imperiale and Chopard Happy Sport are some of India’s most sought-after luxury women’s watches. At Time Avenue, we offer you the best Chopard women’s watches prices online & offline for in-demand timepieces.

A Chopard watch womens is crafted by expert Swiss watchmakers using the finest materials. These luxury women’s watches feature intricate movements & bespoke diamonds, which is why we recommend you service your Chopard women’s watch every 3-5 years.

Other Chopard women's watches offered by Time Avenue: