October 3, 2023

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Breitling Watches

About Breitling Watches

Breitling watches are renowned for their rich history of functional and elegant aviation watches. Breitling watches are perfect for those who admire chronometric precision and robust build making them perfect for pilots and divers. Breitling automatic watch models embrace functionality including impeccable accuracy and high quality specializing in mechanical chronographs.

Breitling watches: History of the Luxury Watchmakers

Breitling is a Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. After Léon’s death in 1914, the business was passed on to his son, Gaston and his son Willy then took over the production of Breitling watches in 1935.

In December 1979 during the watch crises, the Breitling factory in La Chaux de Fonds was shut down and then owned by Ernest Schneider. He’s the one who helped the Swiss luxury watchmaker turn around and further expand its rich history of simplistic automatic watch designs featuring high quality and precision.

Since their early days, Breitling watches were heavily inspired by aviation designing precise, simplistic, and robust pilot watches.

The Royal Air Force became a customer of Breitling watches in 1926 followed by the US Air Force which ordered their newly launched Chronomat watches in 1942. In 1962 a 24-hour version of the Breitling Navitimer model was worn by astronaut Scott Carpenter, to tell the time on Earth via space!

What Makes Breitling Watches so Special ?

Heritage watch Designs blended with Quality Craftsmanship

With aviation being the major source of inspiration, many Breitling watches are designed to meet the needs of modern pilots. The case, black dial, hands, and bracelets of a Breitling automatic watch is made using the best quality materials.

The case of Breitling watches is made using antimagnetic stainless steel alloy or grade two titanium to withstand any sort of pressure. A Breitling watch is made by highly skilled watchmakers and cutting-edge machinery, and to design some of the most luxurious and complex watch designs. This is why the Breitling watch price always fetches a premium.

Breitling watches are a perfect tool for aviation and a classy timepiece to wear on any occasion. Robert Downey, Jr., John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Bradd Pitt, and other Hollywood superstars have advertised Breitling men’s watches and admired their work. Moreover, Breitling in collaboration with Bentley has produced limited watch collections that feature intricate movements and flawless designs perfect for all special occasions

Extreme Performance and Chronomatic Precision

Breitling watches are some of the few Swiss luxury watches to achieve certification from the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). This ensures that every Breitling watch is a reliable instrument for professionals in the most extreme conditions.

Known as chronometer experts, Breitling manufactures all mechanical chronographs in-house with user-friendly functions and custom specifications. Breitling watches have built a reputation for combining innovation with highly refined aesthetics and functionality.

From designing the first self-winding or automatic watches and watch collections with the ability to send out a distress beacon, Breitling watches have set their mark in creating revolutionary movements to perform in the most extreme conditions.

The Journey of Breitling watches

1915: In 1915 Breitling invented the first chronograph watch but the watchmaker didn’t trademark their wristwatches until the late 1920s.

1930: Breitling patented their most accurate stopwatch, the Vitesse in 1930. This automatic Breitling watch became the top choice of police officers to clock speeding vehicles due to its precise movement.

1952: This year marked the debut of Breitling’s most iconic watch, the Breitling Navitimer. This Breitling watch collection established the watchmaker’s name as the best manufacturer of aviation watches.

1969: Breitling invented the world’s first self-winding chronograph in 1969 which played a major contribution to the modern Swiss watch industry.

The Journey of Breitling watches

Apart from being a pioneer in designing durable and accurate pilot watches, Breitling also designs excellent diving watches, exclusive collections like Breitling for Bentley, and Breitling women’s watches with colorful staps and diamond-encrusted bezels. At Time Avenue, we offer the best Breitling watches price in India for iconic Breitling watches like:

Breitling Navitimer Collection

Introduced in 1952, the Breitling Navitimer is the first watch that pops up in collectors’ minds when it comes to Breitling. This all-time classic watch transformed the aviation watch industry allowing pilots to make a number of useful calculations, including speed, flight time, conversion of miles to kilometers or nautical miles, and fuel consumption.

Breitling Navitimer watches were designed by the brand after being approached by the US Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) to create a chronograph for its members. Breitling watches didn’t feature the Breitling brand name or logo on the dial. Since its launch, the Breitling Navitimer line has undergone many updates; however every model is recognizable due to its beaded bezels and 3 subdials.

The Breitling Navitimer men’s watches were also worn by F1 world champions like Graham Hill and jazz musician Miles Davis making the watch desirable on land, air, and sea. This is what sets the Navitimer Breitling 1884 watch price in India high, as it’s desired by many collectors.

Breitling Premier Collection

The Breitling Premier collection launched in 2018 paid homage to the timepieces produced by the company in the 1940s.First launched in 1943, the Breitling Premier collection highlighted the distinct versatility and sportiness of Breitling watches with elegant designs targeted to a stylish clientele.

With the Breitling watch price in India, the watches available are in stainless steel or 18K rose gold cases with a range of elegant 42-mm chronographs and 40-mm three-hand watches.at the best Breitling watch price. Engulfed with a rich history of style and elegance beyond aviation, the modern Breitling Premier collection watches contain a combination of elegant dials, balanced proportions, and exceptional quality to suit the needs of the modern man.

Breitling Superocean Collection

Apart from aviation, diving is another extreme profession Breitling watches have a memorable heritage in. In 1957 Breitling introduced 2 distinct diving watches, a time-only diver and a chronograph, under the name Breitling SuperOcean.

The Breitling SuperOcean quickly became famous among divers and gentlemen at Yacht clubs due to its breathtaking designs and high-end craftsmanship. In 2017, Breitling launched the Breitling Superocean Heritage marking the 50th anniversary of the collections.

Heritage chronograph Breitling watches measure 44mm and are available in various dial colors and strap options. Certain Breitling SuperOcean models are available with a waterproof rating of 2000 meters making them a perfect Swiss luxury watch for effortless nautical activities.

Breitling Chronomat Collection

The Breitling Chronomat is one of the most distinctive Breitling pilot watches produced. The Breitling Chromoat was introduced in 1984 and inspired by the “Frecce Tricolori” watches designed for the Italian Jet team. Chronomat Breitling watches perfectly flaunt Breitling’s entire philosophy and mission in an automatic chronograph movement.

Since then the Chronomat has remained in production evolving over time with multiple special edition models. Worn by Bruce Willis in the movie “Die Hard With a Vengeance,” they embrace masculinity and are perfect to wear with short sleeves. The new Breitling Chronomat watches introduced in 2020 feature many elements of their predecessor with the iconic “Rouleaux” bracelet featuring the caliber B01 in a 42mm dial.

Where Can You Buy Breitling Watches In India?

Breitling watches are known for their COSC-certified movements and Swiss tool watches which make them collectible in India. Multiple Breitling mens and women’s watches are available in elegant and classy sporty designs like Breitling Chromoat and Navitimer for you to choose from.

All Breitling watches India purchased from authorized luxury watch retailers come with a 2-year international warranty. Sophisticated automatic watch designs like the Breitling Premier are also available making it the perfect partner for special occasions. At Time Avenue we offer the best Breitling watches price in India both online and offline.

Buy Swiss Automatic Breitling watches in India at Time Avenue

At Time Avenue, we offer the best Breitling watch price range for an exquisite collection of Swiss luxury watches by Breitling online and offline. Our team helps you find the perfect divers, aviation, and luxury watches by Breitling in stainless steel and 18K rose gold and different material combinations at competitive prices. Time Avenue offers the best Breitling watches price in India for desired collections like the Breitling Navitimer, Breitling Chronomat, and Breitling SuperOcean for you to choose from. At Time Avenue book your favorite luxury Breitling automatic watch in India today and find the perfect watches for every style.


Yes, Breitling watches are a major player in the luxury watch market with a history that dates back to 1884. Although less recognized than other Swiss luxury watch brands like Rolex and Patek Phillipe, Breitling is the 15th most recognizable Swiss watch brand in the world.

Breitling designs timeless luxury watches inspired by the brand’s love for aviation. Breitling mens watches are known for their innovative features, sporty designs, and high-quality materials. Breitling watches are some of the finest Swiss watches and watches hold their value well, and the Breitling watch price for certain models increases over time.

Breitling watches are the pinnacle of luxury pilot watches due to their precise chronographs, beautiful craftsmanship, and durable build. The watchmaker has more than a century of experience in creating timeless luxury designs using the finest materials and highly accurate chronographs.

Due to their timeless designs and world-class durability, Breitling watches in India are highly desired by professionals like pilots, divers, motor racers, and gentlemen for special occasions and everyday use. Some of the most popular Breitling watches in India are:
Breitling Navitimer
Breitling Chronomat
Breitling Premier
Breitling Avenger
Breitling Professional
Breitling Superocean
Breitling Heritage
Breitling also offers a wide range of elegant Breitling women’s watches with beautiful dials & intricate designs at competitive prices.

Breitling watches are made to last with flawless chronographs fitted in high-quality cases. Time Avenue is an authorized luxury watch retailer offering the best Breitling watches price in India and servicing your Breitling automatic watch in India through our worldwide network of swiss watchmakers.

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