October 3, 2023

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Breguet Watch

About Breguet Watches

Breguet is the most iconic brand in the world of watchmaking. Breguet watch models have a 240-year-old history in designing exquisite watches and jewelry. Breguet has pioneered multiple watch-making technologies that are in modern Swiss luxury watches. Known for its classic designs blended with beautiful complications, a Breguet watch is easily recognizable by its coin-edge cases, guilloché dials, and blue pomme hands

Breguet Watch: 240-year-old history in Watchmaking

Breguet was started in Paris in 1775 by Abraham Louis Breguet. Since its early years, the company has established itself as an innovator in designing luxury and unique wristwatches. Louis Breguet initially designed watches that cater to the elite class of society. Some recognized Breguet watches as the watch of Royals due to their demand in the European courts.

Several notable patrons admired and cherished Breguet’s Swiss luxury masterpieces including Napoléon Bonaparte, Queen Marie-Antoinette, Alexandre I of Russia, Ettore Bugatti, Sir Winston Churchill, and many other distinguished names. Breguet watches would soon become a pioneer in watchmaking by inventing the tourbillon, the Breguet overcoil, & the world’s first self-winding watch being the most notable.

What is so special about a Breguet Watch?

Breguet watches reflect 240 years of history and tradition. Breguet watch models feature impeccable in-house craftsmanship with the finest attention to detail. Here’s what makes a Breguet watch so special:

Flawlessly Handcrafted Men’s and Women’s watches

Every Breguet watch boasts flawless designs and precise movements made by professional craftsmen. No Breguet watch in India is the exact replica of another as every watch is specially handcrafted in Switzerland.

Each Breguet watch consists of an in-house caliber designed around luxury wristwatches crafted using premium materials like rose or white gold. Breguet watches made using titanium or stainless steel also being available.

Luxury wristwatches with Innovative Designs

Since its inception, Breguet watch models have been known for innovation and patenting revolutionary complications blended with timeless designs. Every Breguet men and Breguet ladies watch flaunts exhilarating designs that take everyone in awe. The innovative mind of Abraham Louis Breguet has associated the brand image as a revolutionary Swiss company, making Breguet watches in India so desirable. Breguet has laid the foundation for complications used in a majority of wristwatches.

The Journey of Swiss Luxury Breguet watches

1788: Louis Breguet was commissioned to design a watch to be made of the finest materials consisting of every complication known at the time by an admirer of Queen Marie Antoinette. Named the Breguet No.160 grand complication (Marie-Antoinette pocket watch), this Breguet watch took a total of 44 years to make and is currently kept in the Museum for Islamic Art.

1783: Saw the birth of the iconic Breguet hands and the invention of the Gong-spring in Breguet watches, which laid the foundation for the complex minute repeaters.

1795: This year saw the invention of the Breguet spiral better known as overcoil, widely used in today’s modern automatic Swiss luxury Breguet watches.

1801: In this year Abraham Louis Breguet patented the revolutionary tourbillon movement in the pocket watch. He made 35 tourbillon Breguet watches during his lifetime, 10 of which survive today.

1810: Breguet started developing the world’s first known wristwatch in 1810 ordered by the Queen of Naples which was completed in 1812.

1929: In 1929 a Breguet wristwatch became the 2nd automatic watch to implement a perpetual calendar, which was more compact than its predecessor, measuring just 22.5mm.

1998: This was when Breguet introduced the Breguet Marine line which boasted the smallest self-winding chronograph movement in the world.

2006: In 2006 Breguet designed a wristwatch equipped with at least two regulators better known as the twin tourbillon.

Elegant Breguet Watch Collections offered by Time Avenue

Breguet watch models are highly distinctive with elegant and timeless designs consisting of the revolutionary Breguet hands and numerals in a perfectly round case. Apart from timepieces, the Swiss watchmaker is famously known for its elegant and luxurious jewelry and accessory designs. At Time Avenue we offer the best Breguet watch price for desired Breguet watch collections like:

Breguet TRADITION Collection

The technical nature and aesthetics of the Breguet Tradition collection are inspired by the history and architecture of ‘Île de la Cité’. The town in which Breguet watches were initially made. The skeletonized of these dial gives these Breguet watch models a mesmerizing look with much smaller time displays that sit off-center at 12 o’clock. The Breguet Tradition collection portrays the story of the Breguet’s origins and vision for the Future which makes them the most desired Breguet watches in India. All this is encompassed in flawless craftsmanship of sand-blasted parts assembled by hand.

Breguet CLASSIQUE collection

The Breguet Classique collection combines the traditional characteristics of Breguet watch models in an elegant and timeless design. Inspired by the watch designed by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1783,  this Breguet watch collection reflect the history of the brand built in Breguet Classique coin-edge cases, narrow soldered lugs, fluted case bands, guilloché dials, and blue pomme hands. This Breguet classique men’s and Breguet Classique women’s watch collection keeps it modest with some models made of precious materials, enamel dials, and Arabic numerals suited for those who like adore classic designs and admire history. Breguet classique price starts from Rs.5.3 lakhs.The Classique Breguet watch price can go as high as Rs.3 crores for a platinum model. You can buy Breguet Classique watches from their official resellers such as Time Avenue.

Breguet MARINE Collection

Abraham-Louis Breguet designed the Breguet Marine line of watches after being appointed as the official watchmaker of the French National Navy. The Chronometers of these Breguet watch models were designed to support and pay tribute to the Glorious expeditions of the Navy which inspire the Marine collection till today. Marine Breguet watches are available in rubber straps along with conventional leather straps and metal bracelets. Thus, the nautically themed timepieces break from the classic designs of Breguet watches with modern styles and materials.

Breguet REINE DE NAPLES Collection 

The Reine de Naples is the most famous Breguet ladies’ watch collection. It gave birth to one of Breguet’s famous mottos, “In every woman is a queen.” Crafted for the Queen of Naples as the first watch designed to be worn on the wrist. The design of this ladies Breguet watch collection appreciates the beauty of femininity in its intricate and elegant design. The dial of this Breguet women’s watch model is available exclusively in the oval shape breaking free from Breguet’s classic round designs. These Breguet watches online feature an off-center time display with a crown at 4 o’clock and 2 distinctive lugs, one hidden and the other shaped as a crown at 6 o’clock. Breguet Reine de Naples Ladies’ watch models feature simple two-hand watches with some models fitted with moon phase or chime mechanisms giving the watch a poetic touch that praises femininity.

Breguet TYPE XX Collection

Better known as the Pilots watch, these Breguet watches are inspired by the relationship between Breguet and the pilots of the French naval air arm. Breguet Type XX and Type XXII Breguet watch collections are contemporary civilian watches paying tribute to the Type XX chronograph developed for french pilots in the 1950s. These Breguet watches for men cater to the needs of people looking for pure, original, and functional sports watches. These Breguet watches are Swiss tool watches consisting of a self-winding movement, a minute scale for timing intervals, and retain the flyback chronograph that fulfills practical aviation purposes of wristwatches.

Where to Buy Swiss Breguet watches in India?

Breguet watches India are highly desired by collectors due to their elegant Swiss designs and handcrafted cases which justifies the Breguet watch price in India. Multiple Breguet mens watches and womens watch collections are available for you to choose from to select a Breguet watch that suits your style.   comes with a 2-year warranty with sturdy tool watches like the Type XX and Breguet Marine collections that are suitable for everyday use. You can also buy Breguet watch models for women like the Reine de Naples and Breguet Classique at the best Breguet watches price in India from an authorised retailer. The Breguet Tradition collection for men and the Classique collection has the finest Breguet watch price in India

Buy Luxury Watches by Breguet at Time Avenue

Whether you’re looking for luxury dress Breguet watches or everyday sport watch designs, we help you buy Breguet watch for all occasions. Our team helps you find the perfect luxury watches online that flaunt your style and blend in with your personality. We offer an elegant collection of in-demand Breguet watches India available in multiple price ranges, material combinations, complications, and styles.

We offer the best Breguet watch price in India for desired collections like the Breguet Classique, Breguet Marine, and Reine de Naples. So book your Breguet watch online today at Time Avenue and find the perfect automatic watch for every style.


Breguet was started in Paris, France however Breguet watches are now handcrafted in Switzerland. Modern Breguet watch collections are now produced by the Swiss Swatch group.

Every Breguet watch has its own unique characteristics with no two watches looking exactly the same. All of Breguet’s luxury guilloché dials are handmade in a traditional fashion by hand turning the gold dials on a rose engine. Thus Breguet watches price in India depends on the type of material used and complications.

Breguet watches India are famous for their unique inventions and exquisite designs that catered to the need of royals in the past. A Breguet watch is widely known in the industry for inventing the tourbillon and infusing the timeless Swiss Breguet numerals and guilloché technique on its dials. 

Breguet watches are considered prestigious high-horology watches that master the art of mechanical watchmaking using the finest materials. Only 18,000 Breguet watch models are produced in a year as most of their intricate movements and components are in-house. 

Breguet women’s and men’s watches are made by some of the finest watchmakers in the world. Time Avenue is an authorized luxury watch retailer that offers the best Breguet watches price and servicing for your Breguet watch through our worldwide network of swiss watchmakers.

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