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Breguet Watches

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Buy Breguet watches Online in India

As one of the most recognizable brands in the world of horology, Breguet has left its mark on the annals of watchmaking history. With over 240 years of history, Breguet timepieces have always embodied the height of style and sophistication in high-end watches. From the rarity of materials used to the complexity of the watch, various such factors contribute to the Breguet watch price.

History of Breguet watches: Masters In Horology For 240 Years

Abraham Louis Breguet founded the business in Paris in 1775, and it soon became known for producing luxurious and distinctive wristwatches. Breguet was widespread among European monarchies because of its emphasis on exclusivity and ability to appeal to the upper classes of society.

Magnanimous supporters of Breguet include Alexandre I of Russia, Queen Marie-Antoinette, Ettore Bugatti, Sir Winston Churchill, and Napoleon Bonaparte, among many others. These well-known individuals acknowledged Breguet’s artistry and original works.

Breguet has a very fantastic heritage in the watchmaking industry. The company invented many watchmaking technologies essential to contemporary Swiss luxury timepieces. Its ground-breaking creations include the world’s first self-winding watch, the Breguet overcoil, and the tourbillon.

Characterises Of A Breguet Watch

A Breguet watch embodies 240 years of history and tradition. Made by expert artisans by hand, every Breguet watch is a work of art. Unlike mass-produced timepieces, every Breguet watch is distinct, with elaborate designs and accurate movements painstakingly carried out by skilled artisans.

Breguet watches have in-house calibres, employing high-quality materials like titanium, stainless steel, rose, or white gold. The watches are renowned for their cutting-edge designs and ingenious complexities, which combine avant-garde artistry with classic beauty. When considering the Breguet watch price, it’s essential to recognize that the use of superior materials, coupled with the brand’s historical significance and meticulous craftsmanship, contributes to the premium pricing of these exceptional watches.

Breguet Watches: The Journey Towards Better Excellence

Some major turning points in Breguet’s historical journey are as follows:

The Breguet No. 160 grand complication watch, sometimes called the Marie-Antoinette pocket watch, was developed in 1788 and demonstrated the brand’s commitment to excellence. It was finished in 44 years and is currently displayed in a museum.

Breguet debuted its recognizable Breguet hands and the Gong-spring in 1783, which served as the basis for intricate minute repeaters.

The Breguet spiral, also called the overcoil, was created in 1795 and is a characteristic commonly found in contemporary automated Breguet watches.

A noteworthy invention, the tourbillon mechanism in a pocket watch, was invented by Abraham Louis Breguet in 1801.

Breguet started creating the first wristwatch in history in 1810; the Queen of Naples ordered the device to be finished in 1812.

With the release of the Breguet Marine line in 1929, Breguet unveiled the tiniest self-winding chronograph mechanism in history.

Breguet created the Twin Tourbillon, a timepiece with two regulators, in 1998.

Stylish Collections of Breguet Watches At Time Avenue

Breguet is known for its highly unique watch collections, which highlight the brand’s ground-breaking Breguet hands and numerals in beautiful and classic forms. Time Avenue has a large selection of Breguet watch collections, such as:

Tradition Collection by Breguet

The distinctive design and history of ‘Île de la Cité,’ the location of the earliest Breguet watches, inspire the Breguet Tradition series. These watches are incredibly captivating because of their tiny time displays and skeletonized dials. Each watch is the product of flawless craftsmanship, carefully built with hand-crafted sand-blasted components.

Classique Collection by Breguet

The Breguet Classique series has a sophisticated and classic design. These timepieces pay homage to Abraham-Louis Breguet’s 1783 watch design, which served as inspiration. Coin-edge cases, blue pomme hands, fluted case bands, tiny soldered lugs, and guilloché dials are among their features—the Classique line appeals to people who value history and traditional styles.

The Marine Breguet Collection

Abraham-Louis Breguet created the Breguet Marine watch collection after being named the official watchmaker for the French National Navy. These chronometers honor the Navy’s notable voyages. Breguet Marine watches have designs with a maritime motif; they depart from the traditional Breguet aesthetics and use contemporary materials and styles.

Breguet Collection: Reine de Naples

The Breguet Reine de Naples ladies’ watch, the first timepiece made for the Queen of Naples, is known for its magnificent design. These oval-shaped dial Breguet women’s watches with exquisite features celebrate the charm of femininity. The moon phase and chime mechanisms on several of the models in the collection give these watches a lyrical touch.

XX Collection by Breguet

Breguet’s association with French naval air arm pilots inspired the Breguet Type XX series, also known as the Pilots Watch. These modern timepieces honour the Type XX chronograph created for French pilots in the 1950s. They are unique, practical, and perfect for anybody searching for a sturdy sports watch.

Benefits of Owning a Breguet Watch

Getting a Breguet watch is more than simply buying it; it’s an investment in a piece of artistic and historical watchmaking. Beyond its exquisite craftsmanship and style, owning a Breguet watch has several advantages. Here are some reasons to think about buying a Breguet watch:

Timeless Elegance:

Breguet timepieces expertly blend classic style with contemporary precision. Whether for a traditional or modern style, you don a historically significant item that exudes grace and elegance.

Fine Craftsmanship:

Every Breguet watch is painstakingly made in Switzerland and goes through a rigorous quality control process to guarantee perfect operation and enduring quality. It’s more than simply a watch; you’re getting superb craftsmanship.

Unmatched Durability:

Breguet watches India are designed to survive extreme circumstances. Since their military roots are reflected in their sturdy construction, watch professionals and lovers worldwide have come to appreciate and admire them.

Precision Perfected:

Breguet watches are all equipped with Swiss-made movements that consistently provide accurate timing. The brand stands out in watchmaking due to its unwavering dedication to quality.

Versatile Sophistication:

Breguet watches in India provide a wide selection of watches to accommodate different lifestyles and sophisticated preferences. There is a Breguet watch for any occasion, ranging from aviation-inspired designs to professional diving timepieces.

Great Investment:

Over time, Breguet watches in India maintained their worth. They are a wise investment and a personal adornment because of their timeless designs, which guarantee they always stay in style.

Filled With History:

When you purchase a Breguet watch, you’re part of a tradition spanning more than 240 years of superior watchmaking. You join a legacy historically revered by visionaries, military commanders, and nobility.

Limited and Unique:

Breguet watches are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces. You are donning a distinctive and one-of-a-kind work of art rather than a mass-produced commodity.

Prestige and Status:

Breguet is widely recognized for its elegance and refinement. A Breguet watch on your wrist symbolizes your refined taste and sophisticated way of living.

Heirloom Quality:

Breguet timepieces are made to endure several generations. Having one allows you to have a family and leave your successors with a classic work of art.

Where To Buy Swiss Breguet Watches in India

Breguet watches have developed a loyal following in India because of their exquisite Swiss designs and well-constructed casings, which make them worthy of their high price.

Time Avenue guarantees you will discover a watch that complements your style with our extensive assortment of Breguet men’s and women’s watch collections. Breguet offers a 2-year warranty on all its timepieces, making them ideal for regular use.

There are men’s and women’s Breguet Tradition collections and models for ladies, such as the Reine de Naples and Breguet Classique. Depending on the model, Breguet watches are priced differently in India.

Buy Breguet Luxury Watches at Time Avenue.

A Breguet watch is more than simply a timepiece; it represents elegance, tradition, and long-lasting artistry. Possessing a Breguet watches in India have several advantages, including durability, status, and ties to a tradition of fine watchmaking. It’s a generation-spanning investment that sends a strong message about your enjoyment of life’s better pleasures.

Time Avenue has a wide selection of Breguet timepieces in India that accommodate different budgets, materials, styles, and levels of complexity. Our expertise helps you choose the ideal Breguet watch for any event, whether you’re looking for a classy dress watch or a sports watch for everyday use. Thanks to India’s finest Breguet watch prices, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect automatic watch that matches your style and personality.

Breguet Watches

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Breguet Tradition Automatic Retrograde


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Breguet Tradition


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Breguet Marine


Breguet Classic


Breguet Marine Chronograph


Breguet Marine


Breguet Reine De Naples


Breguet Marine Chronograph



Breguet originated in France but is now meticulously handcrafted in Switzerland.

Yes, each Breguet watch is a unique masterpiece, meticulously traditionally handcrafted with guilloché dials.

Breguet watches are renowned for their history of innovation, featuring the iconic tourbillon and timeless Swiss Breguet numerals.

Indeed, Breguet watches are the epitome of high horology, meticulously crafted with in-house movements.

Time Avenue, an authorised luxury watch retailer, offers professional servicing and the best Breguet watch price through a global network of Swiss watchmakers.

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