March 24, 2023

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Chopard Watches

About Chopard Watch Collections

Passed on from one generation to the next, a Chopard watch is a well-renowned name in high-end watchmaking. Multiple celebrities and members of Royal families have flaunted the elegant jewelry & forward-thinking designs of Chopard watches. Chopard watch collections are known for their timeless luxury watches and innovative designs that suit the needs of modern men & women.

Chopard watches: 160+ year History of LA MAISON CHOPARD

Chopard was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in Sonvilier, Switzerland. Louis-Ulysse Chopard was a Swiss watchmaker by profession & wanted to tap the profits which existed in selling finished Swiss watches rather than just mechanical movements. In its initial years, Chopard watch models attracted clients like Tsar Nicholas II and the Swiss Federal Railways due to their elegant, ultra-thin, and highly precise pocket watches. The company was taken over by Louis-Ulysse’s son Paul-Louis and grandson Paul-André after his death in 1915. Under their leadership, the company specialized in designing elegant watches for women.

As the company expanded, in 1921 Paul moved the production for Chopard watches to Chaux-de-Fonds, in the Canton of Neuchâtel. Further to get certified with the Geneva Seal, Chopard relocated to Geneva with its 150 employees in 1937. In 1943 Chopard was taken over by Paul-André who in the next 2 decades was forced to sell the company. Karl Scheufele III, a watchmaker, and jeweler based in Pforzheim, Germany won the bid in 1963. Scheufele owned a watch brand “Eszeha” and was looking for a watch movement manufacturer to design exclusive Swiss luxury watches and movements for his brand. Today Chopard is an independent brand owned by the Scheufele family that keeps producing Timeless Chopard watch designs.

What Makes a Chopard Watch so Special?

Chopard watches are crafted by professional Swiss craftsmen and feature innovative complications with sophisticated designs. The Maison has been producing exclusive mens and womens watches with alluring jewellery designs which makes Chopard watches in India desired by watch connoisseurs.

Certified Swiss watches with flawless craftsmanship

Chopard watches are designed using some of the most flawless and precise in house-calibers with complications perpetual calendar, minute repeater, or tourbillon. A Chopard watch is available in stainless steel and precious metals like gold & platinum embellished with the finest gemstones. Moreover, each part used in Chopard women’s watches and Chopard men’s watch models is crafted in-house at either one of its three production sites. The independent nature of the company doesn’t limit its innovative creative expression persistent since the brand’s Origins. Over 50 Swiss watchmaking skills are mastered in Chopard workshops including some of the rarest and most complicated ones ensuring the highest quality standard in each Chopard watch & jewellery collection.

Innovative Watches and luxury designs

Together with the support of artisans and stimulus injected by the Scheufele Family, the creative daring of Chopard watches is what sets the brand apart. Powered by cutting-edge Research & Development along with a team of highly skilled craftsmen Chopard watch models feature processes and materials unprecedented to the luxury watch industry. From the beautifully placed diamonds of the Chopard Happy Diamonds collections to the sporty and contemporary Chopard Mille Miglia collection featuring racing chronographs, their creative freedom opens the gates to the unexplored. Watches by Chopard do a profound job of embracing its heritage while constantly improving to satisfy the contemporary tastes and needs of collectors.

Why Should You Buy A Chopard Watch In India?

Here’s why you should buy Chopard watches in India:

  • Chopard watches are beautifully crafted using the most precious materials available in 14 complications.
  • Chopard watch models use in-house calibers with certain movements being COSC-certified.
  • Chopard watches are designed with a rich cultural resemblance and contemporary technology that define luxury.
  • Every Chopard watch ensures the highest quality & elegance with its team of master artisans and the Geneva seal.

Exquisite Chopard Watch Collections Offered by Time Avenue

Chopard watches infuse modern luxury with the traditional craft of Swiss watchmaking. The brand fosters iconic watches for men and women rooted in its origins with precise in-house movements and high-end materials. Moreover, in recent years, along with Chopard watches the brand has focused on producing sustainable and ethical jewelry. At Time Avenue offers the Best price for Chopard watch in India for beautiful Chopard watch collections like:

Chopard Imperiale Collection

The Chopard Imperiale collection is exclusive to elegant watches for women with blissful designs. This Chopard women’s watch collection features a wide range of unique timepieces for special occasions and everyday use. Available in 28 mm, 36 mm, and 40 mm, the Chopard Imperiale collection is available in a variety of blissful designs. From vivid leather straps, intricate quartz and automatic movements to stainless steel and 18K rose gold watches, Chopard watches offer different styles for every personality. These Chopard watches for women feature dials or bezels flawlessly fitted with alluring gemstones, there are multiple options to choose from. The Imperiale collection is designed to complement the unique style of every woman and thus their price varies on the uniqueness of each design. These watches for women boast luminescent dagger-shaped hands and a date window at the three o’clock position. A quilted pattern is delicately engraved in the center of the dial of these Chopard watches with a ring separating them into two tiers.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Collection

Since their birth in the 1980s, the Happy diamonds models are Chopard’s most iconic and largest collection. Inspired by the free-flowing and elegant waterfalls, Chopard watchmakers experimented to release diamonds setting them free inside the dial for the very first time. This gave birth to a revolutionary design in luxury watchmaking. The Chopard Happy Diamonds watches for women celebrate free-spirited modern women & their influence on society, business & politics with Julia Roberts as the face of the collection. Chopard Happy Diamond models are available in multiple shapes and sizes featuring an automatic or quartz movement encased in stainless steel, gold, or as two-tone metals. Chopard Happy sport is another collection that boasts a much sleeker look featuring elegant dancing diamonds. The Happy sport Chopard watch womens conquered the sport-chic trend being magnificently paired with jeans and trainers with a little black dress and heels, conquering the world’s biggest stages, red carpets, and women’s wrists.

Chopard Mille Miglia Collection

As smooth as the engine of a race car, the Chopard Mille Miglia collection blends automotive engineering with mechanical watchmaking. The Mille Miglia collection is inspired by dashboards found in classic race cars that participated in the iconic 1000 Miglia race in northern Italy. They are true sports Chopard mens watch models crafted with three-hand movements and chronographs powered by COSC-certified movements accurate in extreme speed and pressure. The Chopard Mille Miglia collection is available in stainless steel, 18K rose gold, or titanium cases with steel bracelets, leather bands, or rubber straps that represent the tread of a tire. The Mille Miglia GTS Chopard watches flaunt inimitable vintage designs with sturdy chronographs, perfect for gentlemen having a taste of speed and style.

Where can you find Swiss Chopard watches in India?

Jewellery collections and Watches by Chopard are desired by watch enthusiasts in India due to their innovative movements and Swiss craftsmanship. You can select from a variety of exclusive Chopard watch collections for men and women that flaunt your personality and style. Chopard watches India comes with a 2-year warranty as complicated models like the Happy diamonds and Mille Miglia feature alluring gemstones and flawless movements. You can also select from a wide range of sophisticated watches for women like the Chopard Imperiale collection and Happy diamonds.
You can shop Swiss Chopard watches India at Time Avenue. We offer the best Chopard watch price India and help you buy certified luxury Chopard watches online and offline.

Buy Luxury Chopard Watch collections in India at Time Avenue

Whether you’re looking for luxury Chopard watches for special occasions or everyday watches like the Happy sport, we help you select elegant watches by Chopard at the best price. Our team helps you find the perfect stainless steel and 18K rose gold Chopard watches that cater to the unique style and preference of the wearer. Our collection of Chopard watches in India is available in multiple price ranges, material combinations, complications, and styles.
Time Avenue offers the best price for Chopard watches in India for desired collections like the Chopard Happy diamonds, Chopard Imperiale, and Chopard Mille Miglia for you to choose from. At Time Avenue book your favorite luxury Chopard watch in India today and find the perfect watches for every style.


For over 160 years, Chopard has been manufacturing sophisticated Chopard watch models and exquisite timepieces for some of the highly distinguished personalities in society. Similar to brands like Cartier and Harry Winston, Chopard watches are known for Swiss watch designs and luxury jewelry which makes Chopard watches India so desirable.

Chopard is considered one of the top brands for Swiss ingenuity. Chopard watches are crafted by the highest skilled craftsmen using precise in-house calibers and the finest materials. From its red-carpet fame and dedication to ethical luxury, Chopard watches in India are known for their innovative and luxurious designs.

Chopard is an active member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. With 3 production sites and a team of skilled artisans, around 75,000 Chopard watches and 75,000 luxury jewelry pieces each year.

Chopard watches are crafted with the finest materials and enticing gem-stones powered by flawless COSC-certified movements. Time Avenue is an authorized luxury watch retailer that offers the best Chopard watch price in India and servicing for your Chopard watches through our worldwide network of swiss watchmakers.

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