March 4, 2024

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Chopard Watches

Chopard Watches: From Swiss Village To World’s Luxury Watch Brand.

Luxury watches have long been more than just timepieces; they are expressions of elegance, sophistication, and craftsmanship. Chopard stands out among the best brands with a decades-long history.
Chopard is synonymous with unmatched quality. The careful detailing of each watch reflects the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship. Some Chopard designs have endured as timeless classics. The Mille Miglia and Imperiale collections have become iconic among watch collectors. These models exhibit Chopard’s design prowess and the spirit of innovation that drives the brand.
Incorporating cutting-edge technology, such as accurate chronometers and innovative materials, underlines the brand’s dedication to being competitive in the luxury watch market.
Many celebrities’ wrists have been adorned with Chopard watches, bringing a bit of glitz to red-carpet events. The brand’s popularity among the elite, from Hollywood stars to sports figures, has contributed to its global attraction.

History Of Chopard Watches

The story of Chopard was started in 1860 in a Swiss farming village of Sonvilier. The brand was created by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, a farmer’s son born in 1836. Upon his father’s advice, he learned the traditional watchmaking trade and opened a workshop where he manufactured mechanical movements of watches.

With his skill, he developed considerable competence so that his reputation would quickly be preceded. At 24 years old, he founded his company in the tranquil Jura village, which was soon able to count personalities such as Tsar Nicholas II among its clientele.

In 1937, Chopard moved to Geneva and started producing Chopard watches with merely 150 employees. The company was moved to Geneva to acquire the Geneva Seal Certification and be closer to the elite clientele. Following the leadership of Louis Ulysse Chopard and Paul-Louis, the 3rd generation of the Chopard family took over the heritage.

However, none of his sons wanted to take over the company, so he sought a wealthy successor. The company was finally purchased privately by German entrepreneur Karl Scheufele.

As a result, in 1963, almost a hundred years after founding the company, Chopard became Scheufele’s property. The new owners of Chopard reinvigorated the brand by updating the designs and shoring up its position as a luxury watchmaker.

Why Choose Chopard Watches

Chopard watches have long been known for their exceptional quality. Louis-Ulysse Chopard began his company on the premise of “Quality over Quantity,” and this theme continued to run throughout Chopard’s history for over 150 years.

Since its inception, mass production has been firmly rejected, while the finest quality of craftsmanship has taken center stage. Also, there is extensive vertical integration, which makes this possible.

This allows the company to ensure that all of the components used in the watches satisfy the highest quality requirements, which is reflected both technically and visually at the end of the day in an absolutely top-class watch.

A Chopard wristwatch is a Swiss luxury watch with an in-house mechanism produced by experienced watchmakers in Geneva. They will likely turn heads and are the perfect addition to your outfit.

Popular Chopard Watch Collection At Time Avenue

Chopard’s Swiss factory in Geneva continues to produce excellent watches. This leading luxury brand offers an excellent selection of watches, from diamond-encrusted ladies’ pieces to sports watches with the newest technology. Here are some of the most popular Chopard timepieces:

Milli Miglia:

Chopard’s Mille Miglia watch line, named after ‘the most beautiful race car in the world’, is infamous and one of the brand’s most well-known watches.

Chopard, the Italian race’s official timekeeper, and the Mille Miglia have been partners since 1988. Every year, Chopard creates a unique watch for the race’s drivers.

The Chopard Mille Miglia collection, made of stainless steel, includes varied features and detailing that allows every Chopard admirer to discover the perfect chronograph sports watch for them.

The Classic line honors sports cars from 1927 to 1940, while the GTS line honors automobiles from 1940 to 1957 that competed in this legendary Italian race. This line’s heritage and notoriety make it a consumer favorite and a top Chopard watch.

Happy Diamonds:

The Happy Diamonds collection, named to represent the enthusiasm and delight of life, revolutionized watchmaking.

The reflective nature of water inspired the design of the Chopard Happy Diamond watch collection, which was created in 1976. The first of its sort was the concept of moving diamonds within a watch face.

It was a complex design achievement to create the freedom of the diamonds to move about without damaging the rest of the watch or the other floating diamonds surrounding it.

When it first debuted, the watch received numerous honors and was much sought after by both men and women.


The Chopard Imperiale is a magnificent dress watch that combines design and utility, inspired by the great timepieces of the past. This line debuted in 1994 and featured a range of diamond-pavé details that blended jewelry and timepieces into one.

The Imperiale series, designed for both men and women, is most recognized for its bling factor, offering an upgraded approach to merging diamonds and stones with those of watches, making it a popular choice for a Chopard watch.

The Chopard Imperiale is a one-of-a-kind timepiece with traditional lines inspired by monarch insignia. The round casings and rod-shaped lugs resemble the shape of a Roman emperor’s standard carried by warriors into battle.

The Chopard Imperiale collection has automatic in-house calibers manufactured at the company’s Fleurier, Switzerland, factory. Others have automated or quartz movements from the Swiss manufacturer ETA, which Chopard alters and regulates.

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Chopard Watch Price

Chopard Watches

Chopard Watch Price

L’heure Du Diamant 


Happy Diamonds Joaillerie


Chopard Happy Sport Oval Automatic











Chopard Happy Sport Round Quartz



For over 160 years, Chopard has been manufacturing sophisticated Chopard watch models and exquisite timepieces for some of the highly distinguished personalities in society. Similar to brands like Cartier and Harry Winston, Chopard watches are known for Swiss watch designs and luxury jewelry which makes Chopard watches India so desirable.

Depending on the watch model, Chopard employs both in-house and outsourced Swiss movements, such as the L.U.C and Fleurier Ebauches calibres.

Examining the logo, dial, movement, serial numbers, and overall quality is required to detect imitation Chopard watches. High-quality materials and exact features distinguish genuine Chopards.

Chopard is considered one of the top brands for Swiss ingenuity. Chopard watches are crafted by the highest skilled craftsmen using precise in-house calibers and the finest materials. From its red-carpet fame and dedication to ethical luxury, Chopard watches in India are known for their innovative and luxurious designs.

Chopard is an active member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. With 3 production sites and a team of skilled artisans, around 75,000 Chopard watches and 75,000 luxury jewelry pieces each year.

Chopard watches are crafted with the finest materials and enticing gem-stones powered by flawless COSC-certified movements. Time Avenue is an authorized luxury watch retailer that offers the best Chopard watch price in India and servicing for your Chopard watches through our worldwide network of swiss watchmakers.

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