September 28, 2023

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Bell & Ross Watches

Bell and Ross Watches

Known for their reliability, performance, and durability, Bell and Ross watches are extraordinary time-keeping machines inspired by the history of aviation and military specifications. Bell and Ross watches are designed for professionals who work in extreme conditions like astronauts, divers, pilots, divers, and formula 1 drivers. Despite being relatively new, Bell and Ross watches have set the benchmark for designing professional aviation watches.

Bell and Ross: The History of a Young Brand

Bell and Ross is a relatively young company founded in 1992 as a university project between friends, Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos A. Rosillo (Ross). In just 30 years Bell and Ross watches have established themselves as a pioneer in designing coveted and professional aviation watches. The brand had a burning passion for the military, with all Bell and Ross watches being inspired by the special forces, diving commandos, air forces, and field action in general. In 1997, the Bell and Ross Hydro Challenger broke the Guinness Book of Records for water resistance, with the watch being functional at a depth of 11,000 meters.

Initially, Bell and Ross watches were made in Germany by a company named Sinn Spezialuhren. Even though the brand designs its own timepieces today, the starting models of Bell & Ross watches were actually rebranded Sinn watches. This partnership continued until 2002, when Bell & Ross started their own production facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. In 2005, the company launched the BR 05 watch. This made Bell and Ross a recognized name in producing Swiss-made watches due to its simple, unique, and recognizable look fused with military roots.

What Makes Bell and Ross Watches so Special?

Combing Military History with Watchmaking

Aviation and aeronautical instruments are the primary source of inspiration for Bell and Ross watches. Bell & Ross supports military units by designing automatic watches with special functionalities or limited pieces for special occasions. Their timepieces pay tribute to the homologs used by the military on land, sea, or air. Bell and Ross watches are also inspired by the First World War pocket watches and special function flight instruments used during the Second World War. Bell and Ross has also established relationships with the diving world and with sports cars/custom motorbikes with their core collection still being inspired by the Military.

Functional Tool watches for Extreme Professions

Bell & Ross watches are instruments designed with meticulous precision for professions that function in extreme situations. These swiss made watches are more than timekeepers and act as a companion for professions that withstands extreme temperatures, fights violent acceleration, and survive treacherous pressure. The luxury watchmaker hires a team of designers, engineers, and master watchmakers with professional skills to create watches that support the utilitarian and aesthetic needs of extreme professions. All Bell and Ross watches are assembled, fine-tuned, and stringently tested by expert craftsmen to deliver reliability, performance, and resistance. Today Bell & Ross watches accompany astronauts, fighter pilots, submariners, and even bomb disposal teams on their missions as a trusted companion and tool.

Why Should You Buy a Bell and Ross watch?

Their military-inspired designs instill a feeling of patriotism in the mind of the user.

Bell and Ross watches are extremely durable and functional in the most extreme situations.

Bell and Ross is an official supplier of The French Air Force, the Space Lab Mission, The Lafayette Escadrille, and many other extreme professionals.

These automatic Swiss watches feature slim movements with models being available in ceramic cases and rubber straps making them comfortable for day-to-day use.

Bell and Ross Watches Offered by Time Avenue in India:

Bell & Ross features two distinct collections in their watch portfolio constructed using the Swiss watchmaking tradition. The square case of the BR watch model is the most famous design produced by the company. Bell & Ross watches are divided based on 3 types: Aviation, Marine, and Vintage watches. Each type differs from the other based on its size, movement, and dial layout. Time Avenue offers the best Bell Ross watch price in India for limited watch collections like:

Bell and Ross Vintage Collection

The Bell and Ross Vintage collection was launched during the early years of the brand. This Bell & Ross watch model is a true aviation watch that pays tribute to pilots who were the first professionals to consider the watch as an ally on their missions. The Bell and Ross Vintage collection is built using military DNA with every model featuring a set of specifications suiting the needs of the armed forces. The Bell and Ross Vintage collection is available in 38.5 to 41mm sizes are made from stainless steel and are watertight making them suitable for sea-diving. This Bell & Ross watch collection features the BR watch V1 Auto, BR V2 Auto, BR watch V2 GMT, BR V2 Chrono, and BR watch V3 Chrono equipped with various complications like a dual time zone and small second hands.

Bell and Ross Instrument (BR – 03) Collection

The Bell and Ross Instrument collection pays tribute to circle-square-style clocks fitted in airplane cockpits redesigned to fit the wrist. These Swiss luxury Bell and Ross watches were designed to transform cockpit instruments into functional and reliable aviation watches. The Bell and Ross Instrument collection features many distinct instruments equipped with various specifications. The BR watch 03 is the first square diving watch created with BR 03 GMT-equipped movements to track time zones simultaneously. The BR S Auto features a Sleeker & Smarter 39mm case with a sleek black dial smaller than the 42mm case on its sister watches. The BR-X1 flaunts Bell & Ross’s expertise in professional watchmaking with a flawless skeletonized dial capable to withstand extreme conditions.

Bell and Ross BR 05 (Urban) Collection

Ideal for urban explorers, the BR 05 was the first Bell & Ross watch model which boasted an angular case integrated into a metal bracelet. The comfortable styles, flawless finish, and optimal dimensions make the BR 05 ideal for urban life. These Swiss-made Bell & Ross watch models combine the traditional craft of Swiss watchmaking with Bell and Ross’s extremely chivalrous aesthetic codes. Every BR 05 model is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement using the Sellita SW300 as the base which Bell & Ross has dubbed BR-CAL.321. The Bell and Ross BR 05 Urban collection is a true sport-luxury watch designed for men pivoting from the instrumental designs of the brand. The BR-X5 model is the crown jewel of the collection featuring a +70-hour power reserve and a multi-layer assembly that makes the watch lighter and reveals the technical construction without compromising on durability.

Where to Buy Bell and Ross Watches?

Bell and Ross watches are known for their accurate and robust chronographs which makes them trusted Swiss tool watches in the most extreme professions. A Bell & Ross watch is designed to sustain extreme pressures whilst maintaining the style and functionality of Swiss-made watches. Bell and Ross collections like the Bell and Ross Vintage along with the Bell and Ross BR 05 are great everyday watches that blend well with the most distinct personalities. A Bell & Ross watch in India purchased from authorized Swiss luxury watch retailers come with a 2-years warranty.

While purchasing an automatic or quartz Bell & Ross watch online or from a Swiss watch boutique, make sure you visit a luxury trusted retailer like Time Avenue that provides the best Bell and Ross watch price in India.

Why Buy Bell and Ross watches in India at Time Avenue

Time Avenue helps you to select from a range of durable and highly sophisticated swiss watches to match your style and profession. Our network of Swiss watchmakers around the globe helps you procure the highly desired Bell & Ross watch models and offers the best Bell & Ross watch price in India. Our team provides you with sturdy swiss made watches by Bell and Ross that are perfect for use in extreme conditions. So book your favorite Bell and Ross watches India online today at Time Avenue.


Bell & Ross watches are developed with the vision of creating functional military watches combined with Swiss manufacturing. Their swiss made watches are inspired by aviation and aeronautical instruments with every watch hand-assembled in Switzerland.

Bell & Ross watches feature a mechanical movement that’s precise and fitted flawlessly ensuring reliability and functionality. A majority of Bell and Ross watches are based on Sellita movements, manufactured by the Swiss movement producer Sellita.

Yes, Bell & Ress watches feature traditional swiss manufacturing with technical innovation and watchmaking expertise. Each BR watch is assembled and fine-tuned by master watchmakers at the La Chaux-de-Fonds facility in Switzerland.

Bell & Ross watches are extremely durable and made to function in extreme conditions. The watches are made of hundreds of assembled and adjusted parts and need to be treated with care. Time Avenue is an authorized luxury watch retailer that offers the best Bell and Ross watch price and servicing for your luxury watches in India through our worldwide network of swiss watchmakers.

Bell and Ross watches are built to survive extreme conditions and work as an instrument to help professionals survive these conditions. Bell and Ross watches are highly popular with astronauts, pilots, divers, military fans, and bomb-disposal experts. With the idea of ‘function shapes form,’ they changed the world of horology with their functional and durable designs. This is what justifies the Bell & Ross watch price.

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