June 16, 2024

Bell & Ross Watches

The Cool Aviation-Inspired Bell and Ross Watches

Inspired by military history, Bell & Ross, a French luxury watch manufacturer, stands as a beacon of utilitarianism with its motto, “Function shapes form.” Known for their practicality, Bell & Ross watches also incorporate unique features, creating a blend of functionality and style. Whether adorned with sparkling diamonds or sporting eye-catching all-red displays inspired by military fashion, each Bell & Ross watch is a unique blend of innovation and practicality, prepared for any adventure.

Buy Bell And Ross Watches Online in India

Getting Bell and Ross watches is now seamless for watch enthusiasts in India. The brand’s high-performance, military-influenced watches are available online, from the iconic BR 03 series to the aviation-themed BR S collection. Keep an eye on the fluctuating Bell & Ross watch price in India and explore the convenience of purchasing these remarkable watches from the comfort of your home.

Bell and Ross Watches History

The journey of Bell & Ross began in 1992 through the collaboration of Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo. Military inspiration fueled their designs, ranging from air forces to diving commandos. Initially incorporating designs from Sinn, Bell & Ross ventured into extreme dive watches and military-style chronographs, showcasing remarkable durability by withstanding water pressure levels up to 11,000 meters.

The Birth of the BR 01 Instrument: A Paradigm Shift

The turning point for Bell & Ross came in 2005 with the introduction of the BR 01 Instrument, revolutionizing watchmaking. Its unique appearance marked a paradigm shift, announcing the brand’s independence and resonating with watch enthusiasts worldwide. The subsequent BR 03 series maintained the brand’s aesthetic while incorporating wearable changes, continuing Bell & Ross’s commitment to practical yet artistic design.

Why Choose a Bell and Ross Watches

Choosing a Bell and Ross watch symbolizes a taste for luxury, where the wristwatch becomes more than a tool for telling time. It signifies style, accuracy, and enduring construction. The reasons to choose Bell and Ross watches are diverse, ranging from their simple grace and unwavering perfection to classical aesthetic appeal, innovative technologies, and a rich tradition of artistry.

Bell and Ross watches epitomize the perfect fusion of timeless elegance and modern precision. Crafted in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, these watches boast time-honored elegance, exquisite craftsmanship, unmatched durability, precision perfected with Swiss-made movements, and versatile sophistication. The benefits extend beyond mere timekeeping, making each Bell and Ross watch a symbol of excellence.

Top Bell and Ross Watch Collections

Exploring Bell and Ross’s top collections unveils their commitment to style and functionality.

From the iconic BR 01 Instrument Collection and its successor, the BR 03 Collection, to the modern classic Bell & Ross BR 05 Collection and the Bell & Ross Vintage Watches and Experimental Collections, each series caters to diverse tastes while upholding its reputation for precision and innovation.  

Why buy Bell and Ross Watches Online at Time Avenue?

Time Avenue, based in Mumbai, is your trusted destination for authentic Bell and Ross watches. Offering convenience and authenticity, Time Avenue ensures a seamless online shopping experience. Choose Time Avenue for a hassle-free journey in acquiring your Bell and Ross watch, knowing you’re getting an authentic piece from a reliable source.

Bell & Ross Watch Prices in India

Entry-Level (₹200,000 – ₹300,000):

BR 03-92 Black Steel: Starting around ₹220,000
BR 03-94 Black Ceramic: Starting around ₹240,000
Pre-owned models: Prices vary depending on model, condition, and seller.

Mid-Range (₹300,000 – ₹500,000):

BR 03-92 Diver: Starting around ₹320,000
BR 03 Chronograph: Starting around ₹350,000
BR S Black Stainless Steel: Starting around ₹380,000
Pre-owned options: Wider selection with potential for savings.

Luxury (₹500,000 – ₹1,000,000):

BR 01 Instrument Steel: Starting around ₹550,000
BR 03 GMT: Starting around ₹600,000
BR 05 Skeleton: Starting around ₹750,000
Limited-edition models: Prices vary depending on release and features.

Top-Tier (Above ₹1,000,000):

BR 01 Tourbillon: Starting around ₹1,200,000
BR 03 Carbon Ceramic Perpetual Calendar: Starting around ₹1,500,000
Bespoke creations and collaborations: Prices determined by individual specifications.

Please note: These are estimates, and actual prices may vary depending on the retailer, discounts, and specific model configuration. Always research and compare prices before making a purchase.


Bell and Ross watches seamlessly blend style with functionality, inspired by military history, making them stand out in the luxury watch market.

Time Avenue is a trusted online store based in Mumbai, offering a wide selection of authentic Bell and Ross watches.

Yes, Bell and Ross watches are known for their classic and subtle design, making them suitable for formal gatherings and casual excursions.

Yes, Bell and Ross consistently incorporate state-of-the-art materials and technologies, ensuring robustness and aesthetic appeal.

The Bell & Ross watch price in India varies, so checking the rates before purchasing is advisable.

Yes, Bell and Ross dive watches are designed for underwater use and are water-resistant. However, it’s crucial to check your model’s specific water resistance rating.

Bell and Ross watches are built for durability and can withstand daily wear. Their robust construction ensures longevity.

Yes, authentic Bell and Ross watches typically come with a warranty. Registering your watch and adhering to the brand’s warranty terms for coverage is essential.

Yes, limited edition Bell and Ross watches are occasionally available online. Keep an eye on authorized dealers for exclusive releases.

It is recommended to service your Bell and Ross watch every 3 to 5 years to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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