February 27, 2024

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Longines Watches

Buy longines watches price in India.

In more than 150 countries worldwide, Longines watches—known for their distinctive winged hourglass emblem—are associated with accuracy and style. Because of its commitment to precision and high-performance craftsmanship, Longines watches have become synonymous with accurate timekeeping.

Longines watches are renowned for their outstanding quality and rich history, which started in 1832. Their line of automatic watches has won accolades for its durability and sporty design. Longines watches have consistently shown their dependability and timeless appeal by serving as the official timekeepers for several international events.

Longines Watches History

Auguste Agassiz, a 23-year-old businessman and Swiss watchmaker, founded Longines in the summer of 1832 in Saint-Imier, France. Agassiz and his group set out to change the automatic sports watch industry with the goal of “Standing Out in Quality.” Agassiz was driven by health issues in 1952 to look for a successor who shared his ambition for creating sophisticated Longines watch models.

His young nephew Ernest Francillon assumed control of the company and was instrumental in transforming Longines watches. Francillon, known for his mastery of modern industrialization, sought environmentally friendly production techniques to create the finest luxury and stainless steel Longines watches. He intended to turn their little workshop into a factory in 1866 after purchasing a portion of land on the Suze River.

The company’s name, “Es Longines,” originates from the land where the plant was built. Since then, the facility has kept up operations on the same site. The factory began manufacturing Swiss automatic and bracelet Longines watches in 1867, employing a group of skilled craftspeople under one roof. At the World Exhibition in Paris the same year, Longines Watches won an award for developing their first in-house movement, the 20A. Renowned for their state-of-the-art ingenuity, Longines watches feature intriguing high-beat stopwatches and timepieces.

Why Choose a Longines Watches

The newest collection of Longines watches combines innovation and legacy. Modern design and state-of-the-art technologies are incorporated into every Longines watch, revolutionising the watchmaking industry. With designs that range from bold and adventurous inventions to sleek and minimalist styles, Longines has a watch to suit every taste and occasion. Each Longines watch is meticulously manufactured by hand with the utmost precision. It exudes elegance and refinement.

The Longines watch line pays homage to the brand’s unwavering dedication to perfection with features like automatic movements, chronographs, and eye-catching dial styles. Longines timepieces combine outstanding utility with a seductive, sporty and elegant design. Their solid and dynamic designs give them an aesthetic appeal that melds well with various personal tastes. The cost of the Longines Hydroconquest watch varies depending on the material, which includes ceramic and stainless steel. This watch lets consumers express their individuality while creating a standout look.

Benefits of Longines watches

Legacy & Heritage:

Longines has a long and illustrious history dating back to 1832. Owning a Longines watch entails joining a long history of horological perfection built on over two centuries of watchmaking experience.

Accuracy and Precision:

Longines watches are recognised for having accurate movements. The company has a reputation for creating precise watches, which has made it a pioneer in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Timeless Elegance:

Longines creates functional and stylish watches that last a lifetime by fusing traditional designs with contemporary features. Their classic style guarantees that they are appropriate for every setting.

Versatile Collections:

From the sporty HydroConquest to the traditional Master Collection, Longines provides a broad selection of collections to suit various interests. Everybody can find a Longines watch they like.

Dependable Sturdiness:

These watches are made to last. Longines ensures that your watch will survive the test of time by using premium components and strict production guidelines.

Esteemed Brand:

Longines has a solid reputation within the watch industry. Due to its dedication to accuracy and quality, the brand is well-known among enthusiasts and collectors.

Value for Investment:

Longines watches offer superior Swiss watch artistry without the exorbitant price tags of some other luxury brands. They deliver exceptional value for the money.

Top Longines Watch Price Collections

With over 180 years of history, Longines has become a symbol of Swiss watchmaking excellence. Longines watches are renowned for their ageless designs, classic aesthetics, and enduring appeal. Whether it’s their elegant dress watches, sports models, or their timeless Heritage line, Longines offers various styles to suit multiple tastes. A Longines watch embodies a legacy of style, refinement, and unrivalled accuracy in timekeeping.

The precision, creativity, and design of Longines watch series are well-known. Every Longines watch is unique in its sophisticated design and specialised movements that appeal to various personalities. All Longines watches in India exhibit their elegance with grace, whether through their aviation, diving, or historical lines. Time Avenue has the finest Longines available, like:

Longines Master Collection

Inspired by the rich history of Longines watchmaking, the Master Collection is a range of mechanical watches. These Longines watches for men and women combine classic, beautiful aesthetics with a contemporary, athletic vibe. Some of the firm’s most elaborate and sophisticated automated watches are found in the Longines Master series.

The elegant design of the Longines Master Collection mechanical watches is complemented by intricate features such as a chronograph, perpetual calendar, moon phase display, and 24-hour display. These Longines watch models showcase the brand’s ability to create traditional watches out of precious metals and stainless steel while focusing on the core of watchmaking.

Longines Spirit Collection

The newest line of Longines Swiss aviation watches is the Spirit collection, which debuted in 2020. These Longines watches have uncomplicated displays to satisfy the needs of any pilot and stainless steel casings. These 42 mm case, certified automatic Longines chronograph watches are powered by E.T.A. certified automatic calibres.

Applying Arabic numerals, precisely graded seconds numerals surrounding the case, and small baton hands provide style and outstanding visibility for the user in every circumstance. These Longines men’s collections come with steel, leather, or synthetic straps with buckles and stainless steel, ceramic, or titanium cases.

The range showcases the artistry of these classic instruments with a range of materials and prices for Longines watches.

Longines Conquest

Longines offers a plethora of well-crafted watches in their Conquest line. The Longines Conquest line of watches includes precise quartz movements, moon phase displays, chronographs, and three-hand timepieces. The most noticeable models are the Longines Conquest V.H.P. versions. These timepieces are a direct descendent of the 1960s-introduced Ultra-Quartz vintage Longines watch line. “Very High Precision” is shortened to “V.H.P.” and refers to the timepieces’ accuracy to the hundredth of a second.

There are several variations of Longines V.H.P. models for men and women, including the three-hand models with a perpetual calendar, the V.H.P. chronograph that also functions as a stopwatch, and the Longines V.H.P., Conquest G.M.T. that uses signals from a person’s smartphone to calibrate the movements. If you’re considering purchasing a Longines Conquest watch model, check out our website for the best Longines watch price in India.

Get the Best Longines Watch Collections at Time Avenue

Indian watch enthusiasts are attracted to Longines watches because they exude elegance and grace. To purchase a Longines watch in India, visit a reputable, experienced luxury watch merchant like Time Avenue.

A two-year guarantee is provided with Longines watches purchased in India from reputable luxury watch shops. For ladies, Longines Primaluna and Longines Dolcevita are enticing dress watches suitable for any occasion. Time Avenue offers a high-end assortment of Longines watches in India. We assist you in purchasing genuine Swiss luxury Longines watches so that you get the finest Longines watch prices. 

Why buy Longines watches Online at Time Avenue?

Explore our exquisite selection of luxury Longines watches in India, which have been handpicked to perfectly match your style and grace every occasion, from formal affairs to wear daily. Time Avenue has some of the most well-liked Longines timepieces in various materials, intricate details, and styles. To let you experience the ultimate luxury, Time Avenue provides the finest Longines watch price in India. Our team is dedicated to helping you choose the perfect Swiss watch that embodies your style and uniqueness. Buying Longines watches online sets off a journey of timeless elegance that matches your opulent and distinguished way of life.

Longines Watch Price

Longines Watches 

Longines Watch Price

Longines Primaluna


La Grande Classique De Longines


Longines Primaluna


Longines Pilot Majetek Box Edition


The Longines Master Collection


The Longines Master Collection


Longines Hydroconquest


Longines La Grande Classique De Longines


The Longines Master Collection


Longines La Grande Classique De Longines


Longines Hydroconquest Green Automatic


Longines Master Moonphase Automatic


Longines Heritage


Longines Conquest Quartz Chrono


Longines Master Collection


Longines La Grande Classique


Longines Spirit



Yes, all Longines timepieces are manufactured in Switzerland at their St-Imier facility, which has been in business since 1867. A group of skilled watchmakers and designers who uphold the rich Swiss heritage produce, develop and manufacture Longines timepieces in Switzerland.

The reason Longines watches are so valuable to collectors is their extensive history. Numerous antique Longines timepieces radiate nostalgia and the traditional beauty of Swiss watchmaking. Furthermore, highly complex mechanisms housed in priceless materials are a hallmark of Longines watches sold in India.

With a 180-year history, Longines watch models have a strong foundation in the premium watchmaking market. The cost of a Longines watch is reasonable. The company is well-known for creating the first chronograph and diver’s watches with exact mechanisms.

Longines watches in India have a 100-year warranty if they are well-maintained and given regular maintenance. As an authorised luxury watch store, Time Avenue provides the finest Longines watch prices and watch services via our global network of Swiss watchmakers.

Yes, Longines provides a warranty for their Longines watches, ensuring customers’ peace of mind regarding their purchase.

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