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Longines Primaluna Watches

Redefine Beauty And Grace With Longines PrimaLuna At Time Avenue

Longines PrimaLuna watches embody the essence of time, serving as a poignant reminder to cherish every moment life offers. Designed to celebrate the luxurious facets of life, the Longines PrimaLuna collection is a captivating blend of sophistication and style.
With their classic yet modern look, Longines PrimaLuna watches are perfect for any setting. They’re a symbol of luxury and elegance, sure to impress wherever you wear them. Discover the Longines PrimaLuna collection at Time Avenue and elevate your style with a watch that’s both beautiful and meaningful.

Discover the PrimaLuna Collection at Time Avenue

At Time Avenue, we pride ourselves on offering an exclusive selection of Longines PrimaLuna watches for women. Our collection presents the variety and elegance of these watches, ensuring that you can find the perfect watch to match your style.
You can explore our comprehensive online collection from the comfort of your home. Detailled descriptions and high-quality images provide a closer look at each watch’s unique features. You can also visit our flagship store in Mumbai for a personalized shopping experience.

A Fusion Of Glamour And Durability In The Longines PrimaLuna

At Time Avenue, you can explore the exquisite online and in-store collection, ensuring you find the perfect timepiece to suit your style.

Case Material of Longines PrimaLuna

The case material of a watch significantly contributes to its overall appeal and durability. Longines PrimaLuna watches, available at Time Avenue, are offered in various case materials, each providing a distinct look and feel:

Longines PrimaLuna 18K Rose Gold:

The 18K rose gold cases exude luxury and warmth, making these watches a perfect choice for those who prefer a touch of luxury. The rich, warm hue of rose gold adds a unique charm and elegance to the timepiece.

Longines PrimaLuna 18K Rose Gold and Steel:

Combining the luxurious appeal of 18K rose gold with the robust durability of stainless steel, these cases offer a perfect blend of sophistication and strength. This combination provides a versatile look suitable for formal and casual occasions.

Longines PrimaLuna Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is a classic choice for watch cases and is renowned for its resilience and timeless appeal. The stainless steel cases in the PrimaLuna collection offer a sleek and polished appearance, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Longines PrimaLuna Steel:

Similar to stainless steel, the steel cases in the PrimaLuna collection provide a robust and stylish option. These cases are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining their elegant appearance.

Strap Material Of Longines PrimaLuna

The strap material is an essential aspect of a watch’s design, influencing comfort and style. Longines PrimaLuna watches, available at Time Avenue, come with various strap options, each crafted to complement the case and enhance the overall aesthetic:

Longines Primula Rose Gold & Polished Steel:

This combination of polished steel and rose gold creates a striking and sophisticated look. The blend of metals offers a harmonious balance of luxury and modernity, making these straps ideal for those who appreciate a refined and contemporary style.

Longines Primula Stainless Steel:

The PrimaLuna collection’s stainless steel straps are designed for durability and elegance. They provide a sleek, polished look that complements the stainless steel and steel cases, ensuring a cohesive and timeless design.

Longines Primula Steel:

The steel straps offer a robust and stylish option, perfect for those who prefer a minimalist and classic look. These straps are designed to be comfortable and durable, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Dial Colors Of Longines PrimaLuna

The dial colour is a defining feature of a watch, influencing its overall aesthetics and character. Longines PrimaLuna watches, available at Time Avenue, come in a variety of dial colours to suit different tastes:

Longines PrimaLuna Green:

This striking green dial adds a fresh and contemporary touch to the classic design, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate a bold yet elegant look.

Longines PrimaLuna White and Silver Shades:

The timeless white and sophisticated silver shades of the Longines PrimaLuna automatic watch offer a classic and refined appearance. These dial colours are perfect for those who prefer a clean, elegant look that complements any outfit.

Longines PrimaLuna Pink:

The delicate pink dial adds a touch of femininity and grace, making it an ideal choice for a watch that exudes charm and elegance.

Longines PrimaLuna Sunray Blue:

The radiant sunray blue dial adds a vibrant and dynamic touch to the PrimaLuna collection. The sunray blue colour is perfect for those wanting a watch that combines elegance and a hint of modernity.

Why Choose Time Avenue To Purchase Longines PrimaLuna Watch

Discover the reasons to choose Time Avenue:

Exquisite Collection:

Time Avenue offers a beautiful collection of Longines PrimaLuna watches, showcasing elegant designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Store in Mumbai:

Our flagship store in Mumbai provides a luxurious shopping experience with a wide selection of Longines PrimaLuna watches.

Online Store:

Explore and purchase your favourite Longines PrimaLuna watch through our user-friendly online store, ensuring convenience and ease.

Professional Services:

We offer professional servicing through a network of Swiss watchmakers and skilled technicians, ensuring your Longines PrimaLuna watch remains pristine.

Official Rolex Retailer:

As an official Rolex retailer, we uphold the highest standards of authenticity and quality in all our products, including those from Longines.

Authorized Dealer:

Time Avenue is a trusted authorized dealer that guarantees genuine Longines PrimaLuna watches at competitive prices.

Explore the elegance of Longines PrimaLuna at Time Avenue.

Discover the refined charm of our exquisite collection. Check the Longines PrimaLuna price to find the perfect watch that complements your style. Embrace timeless sophistication with a brand synonymous with luxury and elegance.

Longines Primaluna Watch Price:

The Longines Primaluna collection encompasses a range of watches with varying prices depending on the specific model, materials, and features. Here’s a glimpse of the Longines Primaluna watch price in India:

Quartz Movement Watches (34mm diameter):

Stainless Steel: ₹1,28,000 – ₹1,51,000
Rose Gold & Steel: ₹1,57,000 – ₹1,64,000
Two-tone (Steel & Rose Gold): ₹1,39,000 – ₹1,46,000

Automatic Movement Watches (30mm diameter):

Stainless Steel: ₹3,41,000 – ₹3,46,000
Rose Gold & Steel: ₹3,68,000 – ₹3,73,000
Moonphase complication: ₹3,41,000 – ₹3,46,000 (may vary depending on specific model)

Please note that these are approximate ranges, and the actual price may vary depending on the specific retailer and any ongoing promotions.


The Longines PrimaLuna collection is competitively priced within the Longines range, offering exquisite design and Swiss craftsmanship at a compelling price point at Time Avenue.

For the most current prices of the Longines PrimaLuna collection at Time Avenue, please visit our store or contact us directly.

The different categories for Longines PrimaLuna price at Time Avenue are ₹1,28,000 – ₹3,70,000. However, you should visit our store or contact us online to know the current prices.

Yes, Time Avenue offers a warranty on Longines PrimaLuna watches purchased from our store. Please inquire in-store for more details.

Yes, we are an authorized dealer of Longines PrimaLuna watches and all the brands it carries.

Here are some other Longines watches offered by Time Avenue:

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