October 3, 2023

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Longines Primaluna

Longines Primaluna: Redefining Beauty with Grace

Longines watches are known for their legacy of sensational accuracy & timeless elegance. Longines has served as the official timekeeper of multiple motorsport events which flaunts the high reliability of Longines watches.

The Longines Primaluna is an exclusive line of elegant women’s watches featuring round cases and metal bracelets that gracefully add to every woman’s style. This Longines quartz and automatic ladies’ watch is inspired by the grace & beauty of the moon, giving it a timeless & elegant aesthetic. The Longines Primaluna watch is available in quartz & automatic movements with attention to detail in mind exuding a sense of timeless sophistication.

Longines Primaluna watch price offered by Time Avenue:

The Longines Primaluna ladies watch adds a sense of serenity & elegance to the wearer’s wrist. Longines Primaluna watches are available in multiple material combinations, including stainless steel, rose & yellow gold, and two-tone variations.

Moreover, the Longines Primaluna watch is available in various automatic & quartz movements that define the dependable accuracy of Longines watches. At Time Avenue, we offer a large collection of Longines Primaluna ladies watches in India. Our collection of Longines Primaluna automatic & quartz watches includes:

Longines Primaluna 34mm Quartz Ladies Watch

Longines Primaluna Quartz Diamond White Dial Ladies Watch

Longines Primaluna Rose Gold & Steel Ladies Watch

Longines Primaluna Quartz Moon-Phase White Dial Ladies Watch

As the Longines Primaluna automatic watch is desired by collectors all over India, the Longines Primaluna watch price in India is subject to change. To find the current Longines Primaluna price in the market, click on any Swiss luxury watch you desire, then click the “Check our selling price” button on the product page. Fill in the details, and our team of experts with 20+ years of experience will further assist you and solve your doubts.

Why should you buy a Longines Primaluna ladies' watch?

The Longines Primaluna collection offers a distinct & alluring design that satisfies each woman’s unique personality. The Longines Primaluna automatic watches radiate a soft silhouette that offers a feeling of elegance & grace.

The seamless design combined with Longines precise movements & premium materials makes it a highly desired automatic & quartz ladies watch. These Longines watches for women are perfect for women who desire a sleek, stunning, & timeless design giving the wrist a premium feel. Available in multiple dial colors with sophisticated moon-phase, day-date, & 3-hand movements, the Longines Primula is a subtle yet premium women’s watch


The elegant & subtle round shape of the Longines Primaluna watches makes them perfect for special occasions & everyday wear. The sturdy design & intricate movement of this premium automatic watch makes it the perfect daily watch.

Yes, Longines Primaluna watches are waterproof and boast a water resistance of up upto 30 meters.

The Longines Primaluna watch is available in both quartz and automatic movements. The Primaluna line of watches features multiple automatic ladies watch models for you to choose from

Here are some other Longines watches offered by Time Avenue: