April 13, 2024

Longines Hydroconquest

Longines HydroConquest: A Dive into Luxury

Longines, a pioneer in Swiss watches since its establishment in 1832, has consistently set the bar high for horological excellence. One of their standout creations is the Longines HydroConquest collection, a series of diver watches designed to excel in extreme conditions.

The History of Longines

Founded by the visionary Auguste Agassiz in Saint-Imier, France, Longines boasts almost two centuries of expertise in crafting exquisite Swiss timepieces. The brand’s commitment to precision and craftsmanship has made it a formidable force in the luxury watch market.

Longines HydroConquest Collection: A Triumph of Design and Durability

Launched in 2007, the HydroConquest collection showcases Longines’ dedication to pushing boundaries. These watches blend design, robustness, and accuracy, making them the perfect companions for submerged exploration and formal occasions.

Exploring the Depths with Longines HydroConquest Watches

Time Avenue proudly offers the best Longines HydroConquest watch prices in India. Our collection caters to diverse preferences, from stainless steel to ceramic and two-tone models. Let’s dive into some of the standout models and their price ranges:

  • Conquest Classic Quartz Silver Dial Women’s Watch: ₹80,000 – 1 Lakh
  • HydroConquest Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch: ₹1 – 1.5 Lakh
  • Longines HydroConquest XXII Commonwealth Games: ₹1.5 – 2 Lakh
  • HydroConquest 41mm Blue Dial Two-Tone Watch: ₹90,000 – 1 Lakh
  • HydroConquest Sunray Blue Dial Women’s Watch: ₹60,000 – 70,000
  • Longines HydroConquest Ceramic Automatic Watch: ₹1.5 – 2 Lakh

Please note that due to high demand, prices are subject to change. Click on your desired watch for the latest market prices, and our experienced team will assist you.

What Sets Longines HydroConquest Apart?

Superior Water Resistance:

Longines HydroConquest watches boast water resistance ranging from 300 to 1,000 meters, making them ideal for underwater exploration and water sports.

Captivating Design:

Balancing sportiness and elegance, the HydroConquest series offers eye-catching dials in various materials, including stainless steel, two-tone, and ceramic.

Swiss Accuracy:

Equipped with the L888 movement, Longines HydroConquest watches are a testament to the brand’s commitment to precise timekeeping.

Why Choose Time Avenue?

As an authorized luxury watch retailer in India, Time Avenue offers a curated collection of exceptional Longines watches. Our HydroConquest range includes diverse styles for both men and women, ensuring you find the perfect timepiece that complements your style and personality.


Longines HydroConquest watches boast water resistance ranging from 300 to 1,000 meters.

Absolutely, these watches are designed for underwater exploration, making them suitable for diving and water sports.

Longines HydroConquest watches feature the L888 movement, ensuring accurate performance in various conditions. The GMT models also include a silicon balance for enhanced resistance to magnetic fields.

Yes, Time Avenue is an authorized luxury watch retailer in India, offering a unique collection of Longines HydroConquest watches.

Yes, Longines provides a warranty for their HydroConquest watches. The warranty period may vary, so checking the specific terms and conditions accompanying your purchase is advisable.

Absolutely, Longines HydroConquest watches are designed for versatility. Whether it’s a formal occasion or your daily adventures, these timepieces blend elegance with durability, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Longines recommends servicing your watch approximately every four to five years. Regular servicing from Time Avenue ensures the longevity and accuracy of the timepiece, maintaining its performance over the years.

Longines HydroConquest watches often feature scratch-resistant materials, such as sapphire crystal. While these materials enhance durability, avoiding activities that may subject the watch to unnecessary impacts is advisable to maintain its pristine appearance.

Time Avenue is the leading Longines Watches retailer in India

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