October 2, 2023

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Omega Speedmaster Price in India

Introduction to Omega Speedmaster Watches

Omega Speedmaster watches are more than mere timekeeping devices; they are icons of precision, style, and history. When considering Omega Speedmaster’s price, one recognises the value of owning a piece of horological excellence that has withstood the test of time.

History of Omega Watches

With a legacy from 1848, Omega has continually crafted watches that blend innovation with elegance. From marine chronometers to the first-ever wristwatch with a minute-repeater, Omega’s history is a testament to its commitment to pushing boundaries in watchmaking. This legacy naturally influences the Omega Speedmaster price in India, underscoring the heritage that accompanies each piece.

Models of Omega Watches

The Omega collection boasts an array of models, each catering to distinct tastes. Omega Seamaster, Omega Constellation Watch, and Omega De Ville are just a few examples of their renowned series. But when one thinks of Omega, the Speedmaster immediately comes to mind, and the Omega Speedmaster price in India justly reflects its iconic status.

The Moonwatch: A Historical Icon

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is synonymous with space exploration. Its role as the first watch on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission is etched in history. 

The Omega Speedmaster price in India for the Moonwatch mirrors its significance – a tangible link to humanity’s ventures beyond our planet.

Chronograph with 3 sub-dials (60s, 30m, 12h)

Omega calibre 3861 hand wind movement with 50-hour power reserve

Scratch-resistant hesalite crystal

Round case shape, 42mm size, 13.58mm thickness

Band width: 20mm, push-button deployment clasp

Water resistant up to 50m/167ft

Functions include: chronograph, hour, minute, second

Dark Side of The Moon: Innovation Redefined

The Dark Side of The Moon collection showcases Omega’s innovation. With ceramic cases and cutting-edge technology, these watches redefine modern horology. Naturally, the Omega Speedmaster price in India, where discerning collectors appreciate craftsmanship and innovation, reflects these unique timepieces’ value.

CRYSTAL Scratch Resistant Sapphire

HANDS Luminous 18kt Sedna Gold

CASE SIZE 44.25 mm


WATER RESISTANCE 50 meters / 165 feet

What Sets Omega Watches Apart

There are many luxury brands that have premium watches but the following reasons are what makes omega watches so special.

Timeless Craftsmanship

Omega has achieved precise records that only a few watch companies can boast of. The growth of Omega has been continuous and remarkable over time, with a remarkable focus on mechanical accuracy and precision that sets their watches apart. The craftsmanship involves using ceramic blends, silicon, and alloys of precious metals, reflecting a dedication to excellence.

In the production of Omega watches, paramount importance is given to the design. This is evident in recognizing their exquisite timepieces for their sheer beauty. Significantly, Omega watches proudly carry the “Made in Switzerland” label, signifying that every Omega timepiece has been meticulously crafted in Switzerland since 1848. This steadfast commitment to traditional craftsmanship has become synonymous with Omega. The Swiss watch industry upholds sustainable values, further emphasizing Omega’s dedication.

Top And Exclusive Engine

Omega’s mechanical movements stand out as innovative masterpieces within watch brands. These movements encompass a spectrum of features, some of which showcase unique complications exclusive to pure in-house designs.

The exceptional quality of Omega movements is demonstrated through their rigorous testing under the scrutiny of COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) – the esteemed high-precision certification for Swiss watches. Another distinguishing aspect of Omega’s greatness is the incorporation of quartz watches into their collection. Pioneers in quartz watch technology, Omega has consistently pushed boundaries in horological innovation.

A Heritage Rooted in Space

For more than half a century, Omega has held the distinction of being NASA’s preferred choice. The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, renowned worldwide, achieved iconic status as the first timepiece worn on the moon in July 1969.

Subsequently, this watch journeyed to the moon six times, earning its iconic moniker, the “Moonwatch.” Building upon this legacy, Omega’s Speedmaster line expanded to encompass various models, including the captivating “Blue Side of the Moon,” drawing inspiration from the deep blue hue of the sky. Other notable iterations include the “Grey Side of the Moon” and several other iconic timepieces, all paying homage to Omega’s enduring heritage of lunar exploration.

Where to Buy Omega Speedmaster Watch in India

In India, Omega Speedmaster watches can be acquired through authorized dealers and luxury watch retailers like Time Avenue. It’s essential to consider the cost when buying such as Omega Speedmaster or Omega Seamaster price in India and purchase from reputable sources to ensure authenticity and value.

A Legacy in Every Watch

Omega Speedmaster watches encapsulate the brand’s innovation, precision, and style legacy. Each piece carries a horological history from the Moonwatch’s historic moon landing to the innovation of the Dark Side of The Moon collection. The Omega Speedmaster price in India or elsewhere reflects the watch’s value and its significance in the world of watches. Owning an Omega Speedmaster isn’t just a watch but a piece of timekeeping history. You can buy all the collections of the Omega watches such as Omega De Ville, Omega Speedmaster, and Omega Seamaster.

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